Relaxing Step Foot Massage For Teen Foot Worship

Foot reflexotherapy It is one of the methods of acupressure, i.e. massage consisting primarily in the compression of specific points of the human body. Body massage has health properties and can help you lose weight.  In this case, of course, these points are located on the massaged feet. 

The “walking” technique is used during the receptor study. Sensitivity, or even soreness, deformation, graininess of the reflective area signals the existence of a disorder, discomfort in a specific part of the body. Foot reflexotherapy has its roots in ancient times, as evidenced by the Egyptian image from the tomb of doctors in Ankhmahor, Saqqara. It depicts four men, two of them massaging the feet of others.

A foot massage will certainly bring them relief during  Teen Foot Worship. Gentle stroking, kneading and massaging with circular motions is a recipe for perfect relaxation. Feet, tired after a full day of walking and carrying weights, deserve an evening of solace and a decent, regular massage. If you don’t have the experience or do not want to spend money on professional massage.

Foot reflexotherapy – contraindications Reflexotherapy is not recommended in the following cases: normal pregnancy (do not massage the reproductive organs’ reflections), endangered pregnancy, severe infections with fever fractures, foot damage diseases requiring surgical treatment, athlete’s foot inflammation of the venous vessels and lymphatic system. Foot reflexotherapy is an extremely interesting therapeutic method. Although there is no strong rational theoretical basis, it can surprise with effects, especially when the solutions proposed by classical medicine fail. So don’t judge too quickly, try it yourself whenever you have the opportunity.

Reflexotherapy – points on the foot Reflections lie on both the plantar and dorsal side of each foot. The right foot receptors represent the internal organs of the right side of the body. The exception is the area above the shoulder line, i.e. the head. Just as the right hemisphere of our brain controls the left side of the body, the same pressure of reflections located on the fingers of the right foot, will become a source of information and will be used to treat left-sided organs such as the left eye or ear. 

Individual reflections lie in the zones that separate the indicative lines: shoulder line – runs just below the toes, above it there is a zone corresponding to the organs within the head, the diaphragm line – the instep of the foot, is the border of the chest organs (mainly lungs, bronchi), in the middle of it there is a reflex of the solar plexus, considered as an emotional and nerve center, waist line – runs approximately in the middle of the foot (without fingers), is the border for the upper abdomen, in which organs such as stomach, liver, pancreas, duodenum, spleen, kidneys lie), pelvic line – heel, above it lies the zone of the lower abdominal cavity with organs such as: small, large intestine, ureters, bladder, and below the center is located the reflex of reproductive organs (ovaries / testicles).

Foot reflexotherapy – effects The effects obtained as a result of reflexotherapy are different, depending on the particular case. In a general sense, it is about provoking the self-healing process. So, if persistent constipation was the problem, then colon reflex massage can even cause purging. 

The tendency to stone formation in the kidneys, manifested by palpable subcutaneous granules on the foot, prompts the therapist to accurately compress the reflexes of the excretory system .

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